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Perhaps the most beautiful village of Kythera. Set on the eastern part of the island, Avlemonas is a coastal village with picturesque bays. There you’ll...

Agia Pelagia Beach

The beach of Agia Pelagia lies in the northeastern part of the island and runs along the village of the same name. This is...


Kythera is an unique island in many respects. Through those pages we will find out why. Like Kythera, our website has many aspects and “hidden” beauties which are asked to “discover.” The Villages of Kythira, beaches, museums, monuments and attractions, the Caves and Castles of Kythera are presented in front of you, right at your screen. Select from the menu and have a virtual tour on Kythira, in which you are able to admire all of the nature’s beauty.

As long as you are convinced that Kythera is the perfect island for your vacation, our site you will help you find the best accommodation (Hotels – Villas & Apartments) with updated photos, prices and offers.

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Lighthouse Of MoudariChytra and Watermills are the main sights in Kythira
Kaladi beach it is, according to many, the best and most popular beach on the island, the one that shouldn’t be missed when visiting Kythera. Also vitit TOP 5 (with Kaladi), MelidoniChalkosKomponadaFyri Ammos
There are a lot of ways to come to Kythira. Plane from the international Airport of Athens or boat from Piraeus.Also roadly up to Gythion and Neapoli Lakonia and from there again by boat. If you come from Crete you will find the boat in Kasteli of Kissamos (district of Chania). Furthermore there are flying dolphins departing from the port of Piraeus.

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